Wednesday, September 12, 2018

ANGEL TRUMPET- A Flower Essence Calms Wednesday’s Child Full of Woe

A Flower Essence
Calms Wednesday’s Child Full of Woe

As my summer of Flowers races towards yet another season with its own reason, I am moved to share. From our work week to yours, let us address the hump day syndrome and the value of 
Flower Essence.

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day speaks of the “disagreeable nature of weather,” and the Winds day. I may prefer this to the nursery rhyme that rings of the Child of Woe. My current book in progress addresses the sad fact that sorrow, loss and woe is a unifying human experience we all share. In my writing of ‘Mooning the Moon,’ I share that Angel Trumpet helped me survive an eclipse of the heart and still thrive.

Angel Trumpet reminds us that there is re-birth that follows death. Her song is one of a conscious soul awareness that allows for the free flow of transition. With Angel Trumpet, surrender fuels a profound opening, for “rebirthing processes.” Yes, yes, I know that traditionally we speak of and reach for Angel Trumpet to assist the passage from this world to the next. I would venture to share, that in my personal journey, work and life experience, Angel Trumpet’s song has helped me to live my life As If rebirth happens freely and often.

I find that of all daze of the week I have a healthy natural resistance to this mid-work-week day. As in all aspects of life, what we resist persist. That’s where Angels and their Trumpets come in. So many times, in our dharma, our dedicated service there comes profound moments of perspective. There are times when we experience doubt, denial and resistance to our chosen paths. How many mid-week crises has your life experienced when you felt you just can not go on? When it appears that a little piece of you dies. Angel Trumpet is profoundly helpful in times of deep transformation.
-Cathryn Barkulis-Smith
“Simply Cathryn”

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

HIBISCUS - A Flower Essence               In Times of Paradigm Shift

A Flower Essence
 In Times of Paradigm Shift

Aloha. “Can we talk?” 
I have used Joan River’s question, for decades now, 
as I ask permission to undress the importance of our Sensuality.  

Here’s my question; which may not be your cup of tea, and that’s Ok with me. 
Ladies, are you tired of Shopping for the Bacon, Buying the Bacon, 
Bringing the Bacon home, Cooking the Bacon, 
Cleaning up after the Bacon and finding that every bite of Bacon 
goes to your Belly as the Adrenal spot for stress storage?

Guys and Gals believe me, when I say; I realize this is not a one sided 
gender issue, stereotypes have dehumanized sexuality. 
The song of the Hibiscus flower essence reaches a realm 
beyond human language that intimately touches the soul.
Hibiscus essence infuses her warmth of the divine feminine 
to gently unlock episodes of the past locked away. 
For it’s only when we reveal can we heal.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am certain we would all agree 
that procreation is the highest form of our ability to create. 
Hibiscus flower essence helps us reclaim this same beautiful, 
energy into our daily lives as Co-creators of our lives! 
Imagine living life in a way that integrates your Soul’s warmth 
with your Heart’s Desire on this physical plane.  
With the higher octave of Hibiscus essence 
resonating in your daily life, it is possible to 
restore your authentic expressions 
upon this world with natural vitality.

It is well known to all those around me 
Hibiscus tea is considered my Adult Kool-Aid. 
Just between you me and God, more times than not, 
the Flower Essence of Hibiscus fortifies this glass of rejuvenation.

As a Prayer Princess, Peace was truly my focus as a young woman, 
beginning with Peace in my Life. 
As I replaced Maiden for Mother, my prayer began for Balance. 
And there it remains. Balance in my Life, my children’s and their children’s 
Lives as well as our Earth Mother, Gaia. 
I have learned from my 40 years of dedicated service, 
that Balance, is a fundamental constituent of Peace.

I pray for that ‘Once upon a Day,’ 
when we regain our Balance and the Paradigm Shifts 
towards the Peace of our Paradise. Aloha.

-Cathryn Barkulis-Smith
“Simply Cathryn”

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Monday Morning Glory's Flower Essence

Monday Morning Glory's Flower Essence

As another work-week begins, and my summer of Flowers races towards yet another season with its own reason; I am moved to share. From our garden to yours, let me introduce one of my favorite healing modalities: Flower Essence.

As we greet Monday, let us start this work day in a new way. Rise and Shine is the song of Morning Glory. If ever there’s a day that needs to address the human psyche, this moon day with all of its emotions is a candidate to be toned down in order to tune in. Our society breeds “weekend warriors” with many distractions feeding erratic rhythms. If there’s a heavy reliance on caffeine to open your eyes in order to counter that hung-over feeling after late-night activities, Morning Glory can help you write a new story.

In my personal journey of seeking balance between Life and Duty I encounter resistance against “producing” as a measure of my worth. This battle of my will and societies expectations goes on and lives on as I watch my children. In my personal approach to this never-ending cycle, I address the human psyche.

I have written, “A return to innocence, our True Nature is at stake here. We must safe-guard our true worth. It is possible with this modality of Flower Essence that marries ancient wisdom with a modern awareness of the human psych. This ‘Spiritual Science’ of working with the archetypes of flowers is a purrfect match in these
Time’s of shifting paradigms for healing.” –cas

Morning Glory brings sparkle
to that sticky sluggish residue that hinders you. A Refresh button, if you will, to reawaken the wonder of staying in touch with your natural life rhythms.

-Cathryn Barkulis-Smith
“Simply Cathryn”

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Flower Essence as a Fundamental Healing Modality

Flower Essence as a Fundamental Healing Modality
As the Summer of Flowers races towards yet another season with its own reason, I was moved to share. From our garden to yours, let me introduce one of my favorite healing modalities:
 Flower Essence.

In my writing I refer to the “Seat of Emotions” and the 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi who said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

To which my life’s personal journey, work and writing responds is, “With the motions of emotions in mind, it is time to visit the alchemy of Flower Essence Therapy and its ability to reveal in order to heal.” I go on to write, “Visionary Homeopathic Physician Dr. Bach knew disease was intimately related to the emotional and mental conditions of the human experience, the relationship between the Soul of Nature and the Human Soul can be reunited.” -cas

And that by, “Becoming aware of our ‘pain bodies’ is paramount to the understanding of our stress, hurts and pains in order to be truly whole. Flower Essence works as a catalyst to assist in the subtle removal of emotional wounds, in order to re-establish emotional presence, safe guarding our Sacred Temple Space.” –cas

In my life’s process, journey, work and writing, I view the heart chakra as the Astral Bridge to all healing… that is every aspect of our experiences. So, what better place to begin our Story of

Summer’s Flowers than to introduce Rose and the Willful Joy she has to offer.
If, Bee-coming more conscious with the consciousness of flowers is possible, hold on to your Hearts when it comes to the warmth and enthusiasm of the most fundamental and clearly to most celebrated flower of Love, the ROSE.

It all begins with the love of self, which is a mere reflection of our ability to Love the Earth, Another, along with all sentient beings. Rose gently reminds us that our self care is but a mere reflection of our ability to bee good stewards of the earth as well.

Rose supports our ability to establish good self care through all the stages of our life. Only when tender loving care begins with our own needs, can we fulfill our innate calling to be in service of others, in a sustainable way.

This was my focus as I prepared all things Rose for my daughter Rose as she prepared her way as a bride. Fortified with Rose quartz, Rose water and oil, her gift of Flower Essence also showed up as lotions and potions as well.

-Cathryn Barkulis-Smith“Simply Cathryn”

Monday, August 27, 2018

Root Chak-Ra-Day and Monday ❤️

Root Chak-Ra-Day and Monday ❤️

A gift from our hOMe to yours! 

22 minute free audio sample! 

❤️ Wearing hues of Red and Coral can take the blues away! 

🍎start your day w/an apple just may keep the doctor away! AVC 🍎
🌹Get Grounded and get back to the Garden! Go barefoot Sole to Soul! 
With body part of hands + feet consider at the root of the matter; 
Earth is our foundation! 
Beets would be hard to beat as a sweet treat to feed your root chakra! 

"Can you dig it?" πŸ…πŸŒΆπŸ‰πŸŽ

Taking care of business is today's action providing security! 
with KISS silly rule applied! 
For ease and grace, applying creative license ;) 
not necessarily always Vedic with regards to planets πŸŒ™

Aloha ~ Simply Cathryn

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

SUNDAY πŸ’œCrown's Chak-Ra-Day of Rest!


πŸ’œCrown's Chak-Ra-Day of Rest!
πŸ’œ Eat, Drink + be merry but mostly PRAY πŸ™

On this holy of Whole Days!
Just Bee, Gather and Play!
With loved ones take Nourishment from Sun's EnLIGHTenment!

πŸ™Rest in order to digest your πŸ™life, to unify and integrate this week's process.

πŸ’œNow, is the time of "letting go and letting god" as you Integrate, daily affairs with spiritual growth! Nourish devotion where ever you deem to bee your place of sacred space for spiritual practice! πŸ’œ

πŸ’œStay Tuned In As weee Resume our Recording studio's Audio! πŸ’œ

-Simply Cathryn

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