Thursday, October 1, 2020

Weary Hearts Take Courage

With Flower Essence as a Fundamental Healing Modality Weary Hearts can find Courage   

As the Summer of Flowers races towards yet another season with its own reason, I was moved to share. From our garden to yours, let me introduce one of my favorite healing modalities:

 Flower Essence.

In my writing I refer to the “Seat of Emotions” and the 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi who said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

To which my life’s personal journey, work and writing responds is, “With the motions of emotions in mind, it is time to visit the alchemy of Flower Essence Therapy and its ability to reveal in order to heal.” I go on to write, “Visionary Homeopathic Physician Dr. Bach knew disease was intimately related to the emotional and mental conditions of the human experience, the relationship between the Soul of Nature and the Human Soul can be reunited.” -cas

And that by, “Becoming aware of our ‘pain bodies’ is paramount to the understanding of our stress, hurts and pains in order to be truly whole. Flower Essence works as a catalyst to assist in the subtle removal of emotional wounds, in order to re-establish emotional presence, safe guarding our Sacred Temple Space.” –cas

In my life’s process, journey, work and writing, I view the heart chakra as the Astral Bridge to all healing… that is every aspect of our experiences. So, what better place to begin our Story of

Summer’s Flowers than to introduce Rose and the Willful Joy she has to offer.

If, Bee-coming more conscious with the consciousness of flowers is possible, hold on to your Hearts when it comes to the warmth and enthusiasm of the most fundamental and clearly to most celebrated flower of Love, the ROSE.

It all begins with the love of self, which is a mere reflection of our ability to Love the Earth, Another, along with all sentient beings. Rose gently reminds us that our self care is but a mere reflection of our ability to bee good stewards of the earth as well.

Rose supports our ability to establish good self care through all the stages of our life. Only when tender loving care begins with our own needs, can we fulfill our innate calling to be in service of others, in a sustainable way.

This was my focus as I prepared all things Rose for my daughter Rose as she prepared her way as a bride. Fortified with Rose quartz, Rose water and oil, her gift of Flower Essence also showed up as lotions and potions as well.

Angel Trumpets help to herald in 

deep Transformation of the 

Spiritual Soul! 

Blessings Upon us all.

-Cathryn Barkulis-Smith“Simply Cathryn

Monday, September 7, 2020

The Nirvana of chili peppers!

 The Nirvana of chili peppers!  Thyme travel 101 chili peppers! Perhaps the origins of “If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen!”  Some say in the tropics chili’s are eaten to induce sweating to cool the body down! Some say the antimicrobial properties of spices may help preserve or help cover up spoiled meats and flavor foods using spices in the old world! Think ketchup the Chinese word ke-tsiap, a pickled fish sauce Old World used to mask bad meats! Think Heinz when in 1812 the first recipe using the Italians “love apples” came to the tables rescue before Refrigerators. 

Fast forward 1868 in Louisiana A food lover and avid gardener, Edmund McIlhenny was given  Fruit seeds Capsicum peppers that had come from Mexico! Voila a food culture was born in New Orleans. He labeled it “Tabasco,” a word of Mexican Indian origin believed to mean “place where the soil is humid” A TIMELESS TASTE in a timeless cologne-type bottle remains. 

Fast forward to the Age of Aquarius and the Nirvana that can be experience with the complex Scoville heat units. A global industry has been built upon this fruit, like none other. There are countless uses, forms, applications, food cultures, paste, oils, and rubs at our finger tips! Though in my kitchen I like the dried “sprinkle” power of chili flakes for the “sparkle” and control of this fire! My Super Chili is known for its beauty and its spicy Beastly ways! 

We can thank Mexico and Columbus for the chili pepper spread to Europe, Africa and Asia. Known as the Columbian Exchange, the migration of people from the Old World to the New world included chili peppers along with chocolate,  corn, tomato,  potato, and spices!  Very nice as long as you don’t “hurt so good yourself” 🌶




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Sunday, September 6, 2020

What grows together, goes together

What Grows Together, Goes Together! As Purrfect pairings in companion planting along with pairings on the plate. Malabar or Vietnamese spinach and the Super Chili known for its beauty along with its spicy Beastly ways. What more amour can we bring to the table than Basil’s  love affair with tomato as a companion in the garden and on the plate! 🌶 bon appétit 🌶




Sunday, August 16, 2020

Comfort foods in Uncomfortable Thymes!

Comfort foods in Uncomfortable 

Thymes! My go to Summertime 

Activities ~ pickling, fermenting and quick pickles give me a sense of normalcy .... 🙏 

Most American knows the Italian immigrates taught us how to eat;) This post is brought to you by my daily love of fermented foods as Original Medicine would have us consume and GIARDINIERA the (ITALIAN PICKLED VEGETABLES) 

WHAT IS GIARDINIERA? Giardiniera means “from the garden” in Italian. This concept credited here has long history in Italy. Though in my writing the point is often made that all of humanity depended upon fermented foods across the lands and culture. It was the way of the land before we plunged into refrigerators and lost this valuable nutrient based daily biome or Probiotics or Flora! 

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, garden and pantry! Fresh vegetables and herbs and spices are brined and pickled in marinades as a way of preserving it for the winter blues! You may want to double your batch for this is diversity in a jar. Use as a relish, condiment, sandwich, salad or pizza topper. My home favorite is a picnic style antipasto platter 




Friday, April 3, 2020

Chopped Challenge Pantry” 101 ROUX is good for you!

“Chopped Challenge" Pantry
         101 ROUX is good for you! 

Roux is the “Mother of all Sauces” 
and is a must know classic in every kitchen; no matter your cuisine! 

A French technique;
Roux is time honored thickening agent that coaxes your dreamy flavors
 into a creamy base! Roux’s smooth paste, made from flour
 (I always use Gluten Free) which is fried, sautéed  or browned in equal parts of fat! 
And Voila your a Rock Star 

So Easy Peazy I usually make A double batch! 
Adding Roux to sauces soups stews gravy’s and of course 
Shepherds pie or the  all American mac & cheese. 
This Thickening agent begs for creative thinking

Fast forward from France 17th century, 
Crossing all borders and time we find the colonist who settled in America 
taking their European culinary roots to the extreme by browning this blonde sauce. 
THINK French Quarters New Orleans and Cajun cuisine! 

They took France’s  delicate BLONDE Roux; 
and turned it upside down to brown!  
This extreme browning achieves deep nutty richness 
that’s become characteristic of Cajun cooking. I love both

Here’s the thing Roux is good for your figure and pocket book 
because you’re not adding heavy laden creams and such 
to coax the  comforting 
creamy dreamy into your fare! 

Mmmm good! 
Gluten free Flours with equal parts of fat, 
and a bit of stirring is all thats needed to take heed in this fundamental delight! 

-Blonde Roux is made with butter is France’s original 
-Cajun Roux is made with oil’s

Shepard Pie’s comfort was in the inspiration for inner child within! 
A double batch of Roux was made to fortify 
my yucca + corn chowder for tomorrow supper!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Let’s Consider Gaia’s time out Nature has imposed upon us.

🙏 A Call To Action! 🙏 
 When was the last time someone read a good book to you
 in a time out? Click below for 5 minute sample 🙏

“Please allow me to introduce myself” ... as your guiding voice to the Audio version of my Chakra Alchemy Workbook for an immersion in-depth journey within! As our whole world stops and thinks with one mind, Let us lift all of mankind as we get ourselves individually realigned! 

Many households under my care have dug in with book clubs based around personal journals and journeys of self care that this book provides! Consider Gaia’s time out Nature has imposed upon us. Nature which we are part of; an expression of, is resting and seeking balance as sow should weee! 

My book is designed to prove you have everything you need right where you are! I invite you to view this Retreat as the whole of human race puts aside the Human Doing in favor of a Human Being! This  space can slow our pace as we create the Grace to begin a deep journey within; seeped in self healing of self-discovery while bringing body, mind and spirit in balance! 

Click below ~ A Call to Action in this period of none action for least harm to none! On Audible can be free with 30 day trail! Also available iTunes

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